SEA ONE SEAFOODS HAS BEEN A PROCESSOR AND WHOLESALER OF FROZEN SEAFOOD SINCE 1978 and has a long standing reputation for high quality products and customer commitment.


SEA ONE SEAFOODS’ wholesale products include a wide assortment of frozen seafood including, fish and shellfish, whole fish, fillets, steaks, and portions. OUR processing capabilities involve cutting fish into controlled portions and custom packaging the portions in cartons, boxes, trays, vacuum sealed, or plastic wrap based on customer specifications.


SEA ONE SEAFOODS buys seafood products from other seafood processors and wholesalers in the US and  imports products from other countries, including Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Fiji. Products THAT ARE BOUGHT  domestically are mostly halibut (H&G-head/guts and fillets), cod fillets, salmon (H&G and fillet), and snapper fillets. Imported products are swordfish (whole and fillet) wahoo (fillets and portions), mahi mahi (fillets and portions), yellowfin (fillets and portions), and crab meat. 



SEA ONE SEAFOODS operates from two facilities with over 10,000 sq. ft. of combined space used for office space, dry storage and processing. OUR  processing plant is a newly improved, temperature controlled, facility built in 2004, It is HACCP certified, CA State Health Department approved, FDA approved, Military approved and MSC certified. The facilities’ production capacity is up to 30,000 lbs. daily with three work shifts.